The Wider Benefits Of CBD You Should Know About

CBD Benefits

CBD has been shown to benefit people’s health in a variety of ways. A nonpsychoactive compound present in cannabis, it has grown in popularity in recent years due to this same reason. Following is a look at some of the main gains users stand to gain from extracts containing this compound.

It Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties And Provides Natural Pain Relief

For a lot of people with chronic or even short-lived pain and stiffness, the first thing they think of using are prescription and OTC drugs. CBD is better in this regard because it’s all natural. A “Journal of Experimental Medicine” study which was conducted on rats and mice showed that CBD is capable of significantly reducing chronic inflammation and pain in affected animals. The research team also suggested that nonpsychoactive compounds present in marijuana, like CBD, could prove an effective way for treating chronic pain.

CBD Makes It Easier To Quit Smoking, And To Endure Drug Withdrawals

There is promising evidence suggesting that CBD can help with quitting smoking. One pilot study which was published in “Addictive Behaviors” showed that smokers who tried using CBD inhalers were able to cut down to smoking fewer cigarettes than they were used to, and that these people had no more cravings for nicotine after that point. One similar review published in “Neurotherapeutics” showed that CBD may hold promise in the treatment of people who have opioid addiction disorders. The researchers also noted the CBD was able to reduce some of the symptoms like anxiety, pain, insomnia, and mood-related symptoms. While more research into this is necessary to form evidence-based conclusions, the current findings already show that CBD may help in preventing or reducing withdrawal symptoms.

CBD Is Therapeutic For Epilepsy

The FDA has researched the effectiveness and safety of CBD oil in the treatment of epilepsy, and after doing so, approved use of CBD (Epidiolex), mainly as a therapeutic care against two rare conditions which are characterized by seizures. Epidiolex can be used to treat the following.

  • Lennox-Gastaut syndrome or LGS, which is a condition appearing between ages 3 and 5 years, and involving different seizure types.
  • Dravet Syndrome or DS, which is a rare genetic condition appearing inside the first year of age, involving fever-related seizures that are frequent.

Using other medications is not as effective in treating the types of seizures which are characteristic of LGS or DS. The FDS has specified that Epidiolex be used for children under 2 years of age, with the physician or doctor deciding on the right dosage depending on body weight.

It Can Help With Other Neurological Disorders And Symptoms

Research is being conducted in all quarters on the effects CBD can have on various neuropsychiatric disorders. Most of the findings till date suggest that CBD may also be able to treat many of the complications which are linked to epilepsy like neurodegeneration, psychiatric diseases, and neuronal injury. A study which was put out in “Current Pharmaceutical Design” showed that CBD may have effects similar to those seen from certain antipsychotic drugs, and that the compound may be able to serve up a safe as well as effective treatment for people beset by schizophrenia. Further research needs to be done before we arrive at a conclusion on this.

CBD Can Fight Cancer

There have been researches which have found that CBD can maybe combat cancer. The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology published a review which found evidence that CBD can significantly help stop cancer from spreading in the body. The researchers also found that this compound is inclined to suppressing growth of cancer cells, and in promoting their destruction. According to them, CBD has very low toxicity levels, and more research should be done into its potential as an add-on to standard cancer treatments.

It Can Help People With Anxiety Disorders

Doctors often tell people with chronic anxiety to stay away from cannabis, because it can set off or worsen feelings of paranoia and anxiousness. However, a new review has found that CBD can perhaps have the opposite effect. The review showed that anxiety-related behaviors were quelled in people with conditions like PTSD, general anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety disorder, and panic disorder. The authors of the review did note that currently employed treatments are to blame for additional side effects and symptoms, which are responsible for people defaulting on treatment.

It Can Help With Type 1 Diabetes

Type-1 diabetes is a result of inflammation that happens when the immune system starts attacking the cells present in the pancreas. Research done in 2016 has found that taking CBD may ease said inflammation. That means there may be a CBD-based treatment out there for Type 1 diabetes. One paper presented on the subject has even suggested that CBD may bring down the inflammation, and even protect against or hold back Type 1 diabetes.