Can CBD Be Used To Treat COVID-19?

Antioxidation And CBD
Antioxidation And CBD
Pure Natural CBD
Pure Natural CBD

There has been great deal of devastation around the world in regards to the spread of the Coronavirus. The demise rate worldwide due to the coronavirus is rising alarmingly and exponentially and yet, there is no known measure to safeguard us other than avoiding the contamination. Researchers and medication organizations are progressing in the direction of making novel therapeutics, including antivirals and antibodies. Patients who are affected with COVID-19 are subjected to a treatment which incorporates the admission of liquids to lessen the danger and provide supplemental oxygen if condition exacerbates. Practically, all nations have gone into lockdown to escape from the spread of the COVID-19 infection and are attempting to confine the pandemic.

The symptoms of COVID-19 or Coronavirus cause intense respiratory ailments like in case of SARS or MERS.  Shortage of breath and dry coughing are typical symptoms of SARS or MERs. Individuals who face more risk and are susceptible to the virus more are those over the age of 65 and additionally anybody with a history of illnesses especially respiratory disease. As a precautionary measure, they should restrict or keep away from coming in contact with flammable smoke.

Recognizable Proof Of Accessible Treatment 

Proofs collected from studies conducted on a group of people say that COVID-19 patients show side effects of cytokine storm disorder. Since there are no approved medicines available anywhere in the world, specialists have been prescribing to recognize and treat this disease utilizing the currently available and legally accepted treatments.

The essential explanation behind the cause of death of current COVID-19 cases is identified as intense respiratory trouble disorder (ARDS), which happened in practically half of the patients. Other well-known causes are haemophagocyticlymphohistiocytosis (HLH), a hyperinflammatory disorder portrayed by a fulminant and lethal hypercytokinaemia along with the stopping of the functioning of multiple organs. Examinations in many powerful nations found that COVID-19 is,predominantly connected with lung injury and the principle cause behind death maybe the viral hyperinflammation.

In case of COVID-19, which generally results in lung injury, medication is helpful for hyper irritation, and having immune suppressants will also probably be useful. Other remedial alternatives proposed are steroids, intravenous immunoglobulin, specific cytokine barricade and JAK hindrance.

Will CBD Be Utilized To Treat COVID-19? 

Some research facility considers demonstrating that pure natural CBD is an immunosuppressant and can be valuable for individuals with infections in immune system and incessant irritation.

Cytokines are proteins that are emitted by a group of safe cells, which trigger immediate reactions to illness and disease in the human body. Cytokines are arranged into two sorts; genius incendiary and calming cytokines.

Analysts have discovered that the communication between cytokines, invulnerable cells and the cannabinoid framework is fast during neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration which means it can hinder the aggravation of the disease.

Some worldwide researchers are claiming that CBD has medically established antiviral applications. But some British and Italian scientists believe that the evidence is unreliable as it is fragmented and thus a trial use of CBD is possible only in viral infections. They also feel that CBD had an immediate antiviral impact on the Hepatitis C infection, and it had a decreased the neuroinflammation incited by a type of sclerosis. But, they additionally expressed that CBD’s viability can be utilized as a calming compound instead of directing an antiviral action.

Another hopeful research on CBD is currently undergoing in Israel for the treatment of graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) which is potentially a bigger fatal condition than COVID-19. It has a mortality rate above 80 percent which happens because of the rejection of an organ or bone marrow transplant by the immune system of our body. A similarity between GVHD and COVID-19 fatalities is that both trigger extreme reactions from the immune system, even though COVID-19 is a viral disease and GVHD is not virus caused.

Insufficient Data

It has been proved that most of the therapeutic implementation of CBD and THC are closely related to their anti-inflammatory behavior. Also cannabinoids often intensify immune activity in the body through the interplay between its bidirectional immune system. Some early studies found that regular use of CBD can heighten the WBC counts in immune deficiency disorders like HIV which is just opposite to our requirement of moderating a viral-induced cytokine storm.

The ability of cannabinoids to subdue and increase immune function is to be noted, which are to be checked under healthy conditions by allowing an inflammatory response when needed to fight the infection. Some scientists advocate that CBD, which does not contain any non-psychoactive compounds, can help prevent or fight coronavirus infection and it can be used to boost one’s immunity to viruses.


As such, there is no certified research or report supporting the use of pure natural CBD as a clinical supplement for COVID-19. The entire world is eagerly quenching for a breakthrough for treatment for COVID-19and let us hope that CBD can prove helpful t curb the disease.