Antioxidative Properties Of CBD

Antioxidation And CBD
Antioxidation And CBD
Antioxidation And CBD
Antioxidation And CBD

CBD has become the poster boy of herbal medications and the path is paved for the CBD industry to thrive. There has been a mad dash to uncover the true hidden potential of CBD and there are newer and more interesting findings in the past years. However, one that has grabbed headlines all over is the ability of CBD to be used as an antioxidant. We will help in painting a picture about antioxidation and how CBD can save the day. Read on…

Wrapping Your Head Around Antioxidation

There are certain structures in the body that cause nothing but havoc in the path they pursue. These structures, called free radicals are, as the name suggests, are free and unbound. You might be able to recall your chemistry lesson in high school which spoke of the stable electron pair. What happens when they are separated? The lone electron moves about to find a pair to stabilise and lose energy.

These lone electrons are the cellular super villains that are called free radicals. They cause oxidative damage and promote oxidation, much in the same way an apple gets bad if you leave it out in the open for too long because of oxidation. These free radicals then venture out to your cells, arteries, DNA and just about anything it can come in contact with, causing a cascading effect of damage to them all. This in essence causes you to age faster and lead to more complications in a much younger age than you usually would.

Cannabidiol – CBD As An Antioxidant

The link between antioxidation and CBD is very much real. Even if the research on CBD as a potent antioxidant is still in its infancy, there is no doubt regarding the amount of work that is supporting the antioxidative effects of CBD. The research as of now points to the ability of CBD to neutralise free radicals like anti-inflammatories, that put out fires in the body.

This ability of CBD as an antioxidant is linked to its neuroprotective ability. CBD does well against glutamate toxicity than other vitamins like C and E. Further, CBD links into the anti-oxidation network, which is a synergy between the various antioxidants in the body. This is similar to the entourage effect that boosts the overall CBD benefits when they are put in the same mix.

The Final Note

CBD is a holistic medication that you can use to help de-age you. Give it a try and chances are that you will be surprised.