What CBD Clinical Trials For Pain Say About Its Effectiveness?

CBD Clinical Trials
CBD Clinical Trials
CBD Clinical Trials
CBD Clinical Trials

Due to the side effects of synthetic pharmaceutical pain killers, people are turning to cannabis derived CBD for pain relief. This is because it does not have the risk of forming addiction and has very minimal or no side-effects. As a result, they are gaining a surge in popularity and recently the FDA has approved Epidiolex, a cannabidiol derived medicine for treatment of epilepsy in children. Also, due to the mounting evidence about its therapeutic and medical benefits, it is gradually being legalised in different states of the US. Shared below are some of the uses of CBD for pain.

CBD For Pain

The legally available CBD products are derived from the hemp plant, and its THC content is less i.e. 0.3%. So it is not psychotropic and does not produce high after consuming. You must also be aware that cannabis medicines were used in the 19th and early 20th century and were part of US Pharmacopeia. CBD clinical trials have shown that it is effective in reducing pain and inflammation, while some people had negative side-effects. Besides, chronic pain can lead to other medical conditions such as sleeping disorder, insomnia and depression; using cannabidiol also helps to manage these as well.

From CBD clinical trials for pain, cannabidiol is found effective because of its effect on vanilloid pain receptors. These receptors modulate pain perception, influence inflammation and body temperature. This combined with other effects of cannabidiol such as, stress reducing and calming effects makes it effective in pain management. Besides, people are turning to it in the face of the opioid crisis and also because it is a herbal alternative. It is also useful in treating arthritis pain and in a survey of 2,600 people, 29% use it to treat their pain symptoms. It can be ingested, used as a topical product to give localised effect or use a combination of both to give faster and longer relief.


Don’t Vape Or Smoke: Vaping or smoking is not suggested, as it can only provide quick relief rather than long term relief. Besides, it is not recommended by the Centre For Disease Control and Prevention, in the face of recent lung diseases.

Know State Laws: Even though it is legal in federal law, it is still illegal in several states. So, before using it, familiarise yourself with the state drug laws to avoid legal trouble.

The Source: In order to enjoy the full benefit, you have to consume high quality CBD; so, purchase from reputable brands.

It is obvious that more people are into using CBD for managing pain and it would be worthwhile trying it for yourself.