Decoding The Need For A Good Carrier Oil For CBD

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Everyone knows the hero that CBD is; the plethora of benefits that shadows CBDs side effects. But what about the carrier oil?

The need for a good carrier oil for your CBD goes above and beyond just a “need”. When you head down to your local producer or retailer asking to see CBD, be sure to check the carrier oil used which houses all the goodness that CBD has to offer, on the back of the label.

We are here to decode the need for a good carrier oil, and how using one can open up the true potential that your CBD product has to offer!

What Is Carrier Oil?

As the name suggests, it is one that simply “carries” all of the goodies to the sites or target areas. In this case it carries the CBD and the phytochemicals that come bundled up with it. The carrier acts more of a solvent that allow for the various components of CBD to potentially dissolve in them.

Even while massaging your hair with oil, you would generally use a thicker oil such as castor oil with a less viscous oil such as coconut or olive oil. The coconut oil in this case helps carry the castor oil and acts as the carrier oil for it.

CBD benefits are amplified and made more effective with the right carrier oil.

The Right Carrier Oil Enhances The Absorption Of CBD

The reason for the use of a good carrier oil is to ensure higher absorption of the CBD in the gut. The absorption happens either by means of water or fat soluble pathways. The water soluble compounds like the sugars, minerals and amino acids can directly be taken into the bloodstream via the gut lining.

However, CBD which is fat soluble, can’t directly enter the bloodstream i.e. it simply wouldn’t mix. They need to be initially packaged into tiny droplets called the micelles, which are fatty lymph tissue. The lymph tissue is a network of immune cells and fat based compounds. They travel via the lymph and finally reach above the heart wherein they are introduced into the stream. Making use of a good carrier oil ensure that the body is prepped for the task of fat absorption.

When you eat food, the taste receptors in your mouth signal the gut to produce enzymes to break down the food stuff. Similarly is the case of using CBD with other fats (carrier oil). It will ensure that effective absorption of the CBD into the lymphatic vessels can take place the minute it enters your gut!