Can You Give CBD For Your Children?

CBD Side Effects
CBD Side Effects
CBD Clinical Trials
CBD Clinical Trials

The use of cannabidiol (CBD) is still a controversial subject, as many people oppose and favor the consumption of this hemp-derived compound. The use of CBD for children is yet another sensitive subject that gained support as well as criticism. Most of the people who see CBD with suspicion are concerned about its origin. As this compound is derived from the cannabis plant, which is known around the world for producing intoxicating effects, many people also see CBD with scepticism. Also, there are no authentic CBD clinical trials for proving the effect of this compound.

However, CBD is proven to be a non-psychoactive element, unlike THC, which is another compound present in cannabis that produces mind-altering effects and addiction. Therefore, many parents choose to give CBD for their children, while others avoid it. Through this article, we examine the potential of CBD for curing different illnesses in children along with CBD oil side effects.


This is one of the authentically proven effects of CBD. One of the products called Epidiolex that are derived from CBD has been approved by the FDA for treating some rare conditions associated with epilepsy. These conditions include Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. These two symptoms are found in children in some rare cases, and there is no treatment available for them. But now, Epidiolex is found to be effective for controlling these conditions.

If your child is also suffering from these conditions, you can use this product as a prescription medicine. However, you have to definitely consult your doctor before using this product for knowing whether it can be used for your child.

Even though Epidiolex is greatly beneficial for controlling seizures in children, it can also result in some side effects. Some common side effects associated with this product include diarrhea, rashes, elevated liver enzymes, feeling weakness, infections, sleeping disorders, feeling sleepy and lethargic, etc.


CBD can be also useful for controlling different symptoms associated with autism. Some CBD clinical trials have shown that this compound is found to be effective for different conditions related to autism including restlessness, seizures, rage attacks, etc. But it might also cause some side effects including lack of appetite, sleepiness, and reflux.


Children may develop anxiety because of the stress they are feeling from education or from any other problems. But now CBD can be helpful to reduce stress levels in children, thereby effectively controlling different symptoms associated with this mental disorder including insomnia.